General Medical Care

Our highly trained and skilled health care professionals cater for all kinds of aliments; from the very mild to the very complex and complicated. Providing both out-patient and in-patient care to all our clients.

Surgical Services

Our Surgeons are some of the best in the region and country offering high quality services to our clientele. Patients can expect to receive high quality surgical procedures in Orthopedics, General surgeries, Urology and Endoscopy from our surgeons.


Our highly trained & skilled Pharmacy Technicians are there to serve you with high quality and authentic drugs for all your ailments. Providing both out-patient and in-patient care to all our clients.

Laboratory Service

Our highly skilled Laboratory Technicians are available to test you on all manner of ailments with professionalism, trust and secrecy at the core.

Imaging & Radiology Service

Our highly qualified and professional staff would be more than ready to offer you Endoscopy and Colonoscopy services as well as Ultra Sound.

Corporate Client Service

We provide corporate client services to Banks, Private Health Insurances companies and other organizations in and outside Tamale.

Medical Care

Our Physicians and Physician Assistants are well prepared to offer you the highest qualtiy in medical care at Kabsad. Highly trained, skilled and motivated health care professionals cater for all kinds of diseases; ranging from the very mild to the very complex and complicated with treatment tailored to the individual needs of our patients. Providing both out-patient and in-patient care to all our clients.

Surgical Service

With some of the best surgeons in the region at Kabsad Scientific Hospital we post some of the highest number of successes in surgeries performed in orthopedics, urology, endoscopy and general surgeries.

Procedures like laporotomy, circumcision, internal and external hernia repairs, and endoscopic surgeries are some of the services that are rendered at Kabsad Scientific Hospital.


The Department of Pharmacy provides a complete range of pharmacy services to both in and out-patients. The focus is on maintaining a safe and efficient system for dispensing medications and also to identify, resolve and prevent drug-related problems such as allergies, food-drug interactions, and drug-drug interactions.

Patient safety is fundamental to all that we do. It's what drives us to embrace the latest innovations so we can be sure that we always give the correct drug and the correct dose to every patient. Our Pharmacy is staffed by highly trained registered pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians.


Our hospital's pristine laboratory facility provides top-tier medical testing services. It has been and is committed to preserving, protecting, and ensuring the health of its patients. Our laboratory services provide incredible convenience for our patients; we know your days are marked by busy schedules and it can be hard to make time to receive the proper medical care that you deserve. Thus our laboratory technicians provide you with the highest standards of customer services, ensuring convenience for all your laboratory testing needs and a quick turn-around for results. With services like chemistry, microbiology, urinalysis among others there is no need for you to leave the premises.

At Kabsad we make certain that all of our patient services align with our commitment to providing the best medical care possible. Daily, our laboratory team works cohesively with both our patients and our clinical staff to promptly and correctly diagnose any crucial health issues.

Imaging & Radiology

The Imaging & Radiology Department provide Ultrasound Diagnostic Services serving you with comprehensive and reliable obstetric and gynaecological scanning. Our doctors are Fetal Medicine and Gynaecological Ultrasound Specialists with experience in running tertiary ultrasound centres, and lecture regularly at national and international meetings. Our sonographers are highly qualified and regularly attend up-to-date conferences and courses so as to provide you with the best service possible.